Precinct Committeeman Power!

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Don’t just join the Republican Party. INFLUENCE it.


Are you a voice for freedom?

***This website was created for those living in Maricopa County in Arizona. If you live outside of Arizona and would like to become a Precinct Committeeman you will need to get in touch with your State Republican Party. You can find links to the State GOP Organizations here

Our nation was founded on liberty and freedom, but along the way some of our leaders have gone astray. By becoming a Republican Precinct Committeeman you can take a proactive step – in spreading the great Republican principles of lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom and strong national defense. Along with these principles, Freedom from an oppressive government is another priority of Republicans.

Precinct Committeemen work within the party not only to elect candidates who run in primaries and general elections but also those who run for internal party positions. Many times the internal office holders set the tone for our Party. A registered Republican is not permitted to vote on these offices, however, Precinct Committeemen do elect district, county and state party officers. Our state party Chairman is a member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and helps to elect additional members of the RNC.  The State Party Chairman also appoints representatives to serve on various committees during our National Convention.  One important committee is deciding on the direction of our Party Platform.  So being a Precinct Committeeman is so important.

This website was created to answer your questions about becoming a Precinct Committeeman. Find out what a PC is, why you should become one and what steps to take.

Be a voice for freedom!  Do you have what it takes to protect and promote freedom?  Do you have a few hours a week to work to leave for our children what has been passed down to us from generation to generation?