Why Become A PC?

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Don’t just join the Republican Party. INFLUENCE it.


Many registered Republicans ask this question. 

Often we assume that since we are registered Republicans; follow party happenings in the various media outlets and vote regularly for qualified Republican candidates, we are doing all we can to further the party’s goals.

There is a way to do more!Thinkagain

By becoming a Republican Precinct Committeeman, which is essentially a neighborhood Party leader, you can take that next step – the pro-active one – in spreading the great republican principles of lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom and strong national defense.

Being a precinct committeeman means being THE most direct contact point for fellow Republicans in your immediate neighborhood. A precinct committeeman can be the first line of defense when it comes to information accumulation and dissemination within the Precinct.

As a precinct committeeman you will have the opportunity to attend many party functions. From regular district meetings to county meetings and state meetings; you will be kept abreast of party activities and issues. You can be “in the know” to a much greater extent than just being a Republican voter. You can acquire specific and accurate information regarding party positions and policies to “counter” the misinformation so often spread about Republicans by our opposition. YOU too, can be an influencer within the Republican party.


Being a Precinct Committeeman allows you direct access to voters in your neighborhood who vote in the primary and general elections. A Republican PC is elected to represent 125 Republican voters in their neighborhood. Can you image the change that could happen if all of our PCs positions were filled and we were connecting with ALL of our Republican voters on a monthly basis? If we did this what do you think would happen? Here are a few benefits to having a strong, team of precinct committeemen:

– We could educate voters on issues and candidates.
– We could make sure that our side gets to the polls so that Republicans are elected.
– We would have the attention of our elected officials.

Do we have your attention?

Here’s how to become a Precinct Committeeman.